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The Fondation Brocher is an essential player in this vital thinking process: one which will help make us aware of the real challenges in using our resources for maximum impact on the health of the people of the world.



Professor Daniel Wikler, Harvard University


The Brocher Foundation is a Swiss non-profit private foundation  recognized of public interest. Your donations are tax deductible according to the regulations in force.

Outline of the hosting

The mission of the Brocher Foundation is to host researchers from all over the world  who dedicate their work to ethical, legal and social aspects of medical development and public health policies.

The Foundation supports multidisciplinary and intercultural research.

The visitors’ aim is to write a book, articles, essays or a PhD thesis.

The invited researchers also have exceptional opportunities to meet others and set up collaborations with experts from the numerous international organisations and NGOs based in Geneva such as WHO, WTO, WIPO, UNHCR, ILO, WMA, ICRC, …

Finally, everything is done so that researchers staying at the same time develop a scientific network that will be beneficial to each of their careers as well as to the academic institutions of our region.

This network is maintained by the Foundation through its club of «Brocher Alumni» who interact on its intranet website and meet every two years for a specific seminar.

The Brocher Foundation fully accomplishes its mission and the number of researchers wishing to avail themselves of its structure is continuously growing (nearly 400% between 2009 and 2019).