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The Fondation Brocher is an essential player in this vital thinking process: one which will help make us aware of the real challenges in using our resources for maximum impact on the health of the people of the world.



Professor Daniel Wikler, Harvard University


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Orla O'Donovan Orla O'Donovan

Senior Lecturer - University College Cork

Órla O’Donovan is a senior lecturer in the School of Applied Social Studies in University College Cork. She is interested in the search for radically alternative ways of living (and dying), beyond the trappings and alienations of patriarchy and consumer capitalism. In recent years this has led her to explore the promises of ‘the commons’ as a route away from the pervasive (yet impossible) individualism of our times. Recognising that the commons can be dangerous ground, she has been exploring how conventional regimes of truth might be productively disrupted through the imaginary and practice of the commons. In a recent transdisciplinary project, Living Well with the Dead in Contemporary Ireland, she has been drawing on post-humanist theorising of the commons to critically explore and imagine a dead body commons. 

Together with Rosie Meade and Fiona Dukelow, she is a co-editor of the Cork University Press series Síreacht. Longings for another Ireland ( ). Also with Rosie Meade, she is co-editor of the Community Development Journal, which recently published a special issue on Water, Anti-privatisation Struggles and the Commons ( ).