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L’utilité de ce genre d’institutions est incontestable. Car le monde moderne est sans cesse confronté à des innovations, médicales ou autres, qui s’appliquent à l’homme ou à son environnement proche. Ce lieu est donc nécessaire pour préparer la matière intellectuelle qui sera ensuite transférée aux citoyens afin que ceux- ci puissent se prononcer quant à la légitimité de ces innovations.


Professeur Axel Kahn, le célèbre généticien français, lors de l’inauguration de la Fondation Brocher


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Le Cycle Brocher organise de nombreuses conférences au cours de l'année. La plupart des conférences sont disponibles en podcast

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8 - 12 juin 2020

Brocher Summer Academy in Global Population Health: 2020 Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise: The Ethics of Health Valuation

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Government agencies and major donors face significant challenges in determining how best to use available resources to improve population health. These decisions may involve issuing regulations, establishing new programs, and allocating funds across existing programs. Conventional methods of economic assessment, such as benefit-cost analysis and cost-effectiveness analysis, inform these decisions. The method selected has significant, complex, and nonobvious ethical implications. Several innovative approaches have also been proposed to replace or supplement conventional methods, and their ethical implications have not been thoroughly investigated and compared. This Summer Academy will explore the ethical dimensions of approaches to economic assessment of health policy. Our insights will support wiser policy choices that improve population health and welfare, as well as their fair distribution, to the greatest extent possible.

Preliminary list of confirmed speakers (many more to follow): 

Matthew Adler (Duke Law School and London School of Economics)

John Broome (University of Oxford)

Nir Eyal (Rutgers University)

Marc Fleurbaey (Princeton University and Institute for Global Studies)

Daniel Hausman (University of Wisconsin–Madison)

Samia Hurst (University of Geneva)

Dean Jamison (University of California, San Francisco)

Ole Frithjof Norheim (Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and University of Bergen)

Lisa Robinson (Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health)

Daniel Wikler (Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health)


Schedule: From Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 5 pm (2 pm on the last day).

Registration: 40 participants upon selection by the organizers. Will be required: an abstract, a cv and short current research interests.

Call for registration will be launched early 2020 (TBC).

Inscription à l'événement


Inscription à l'événement

2020-06-08 - 2020-06-12

Brocher Summer Academy in Global Population Health: 2020 Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise: The Ethics of Health Valuation

Coût d'inscription: 750 CHF (professional scholars) | 550 CHF (students)
Conditions d'inscription:
The registration fee covers:
- 5 nights of accommodation in a hotel near the Foundation,
- 5 lunches | 4 dinners,
- Courses and material for the Brocher Harvard Summer Academy



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