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Call for Proposals 2024


Call for visiting researchers 2024


The Brocher Foundation offers visiting Researchers the opportunity to come at the Brocher Centre in a peaceful park on the shores of Lake Geneva, to write a book, articles, an essay or a Ph.D. thesis. The visiting positions are an occasion to meet other researchers from different disciplines and countries as well as experts from numerous International Organizations & Non Governmental Organizations based in Geneva, such as WHO, WTO, WIPO, UNHCR, ILO, WMA, ICRC, and others.

They give Researchers (Ph.D. students to Professors) the opportunity to work at the Brocher Centre on projects on the ethical, legal and social implications for humankind of recent medical research and new technologies.  Researchers can also apply with one or two other Researchers to work on a collaborative project.

“Junior” visiting Researchers can apply for an additional scholarship in order to cover their travel and local expenses in Geneva. To be eligible to this “Additional scholarship for Junior Researchers”, the applicant should be a Ph.D. student or should have obtained his PhD degree within a maximum of five years and should not perceive any other income during the time spent at the Foundation.

Applications from low and middle-income countries are highly encouraged.

Ethical, Legal & Social Implications of recent medical research and new medical technologies:

Bioethics, Medical Anthropology, Health Economics, Health Policy, Health Law, Philosophy of Medicine and Health, Medical Humanities, Social Science Perspectives on Health, Medical Ethics, History of medicine. Equitable access to medical care, Biobanks, Biosecurity and Dual-Use Dilemmas, Clinical Trials and Research on Human Subjects, Genetic testing and screening, Health Care Reform, Nanotechnology, Neglected diseases, Pandemic planning, Reproductive technology, Stem Cells and Cell Therapy, Organ transplantation, Telemedicine, Neurosciences, Synthetic Biology.

Must be submitted before 16 February 2023 at NOON GENEVA TIME

The final results of this call for proposals will be communicated by the end of April 2023. 


Call for workshops 2024


The Brocher Foundation is inviting junior and senior researchers to submit proposals for a 2 to 3-day multidisciplinary workshop project on the Ethical, Legal and Social Implications of new medical developments.

The Brocher Foundation will host the event on the following periods: between 8 January and 26 January 2024, between 2 May and 28 June 2024, or between 1 October and 13 December 2024 at the Brocher Centre. Except for the travel reimbursements which will be directly arranged by the organizers, the Brocher Foundation will be responsible for all the logistics, according to its standard.

Must be submitted before 16 February 2023 at NOON GENEVA TIME.

The final results of this call for proposals will be communicated by the end of April 2023. 





The workshop can have a maximum of 30 participants on which a maximum of 12 participants (including a minimum of 6 coming from European countries) will be entirely sponsored by the Foundation (travel, accommodation, catering).

Travel grant

The Brocher Foundation offers a grant up to a maximum of 6'000 Swiss francs to cover the travel expenses of 12 participants.

              a) The grant covers only travel costs and cannot be allocated to other costs.

              b) 3'000 Swiss francs will be paid when the proposal is selected for implementation.

The applicants will have to submit a financial report maximum 60 days after the end of the event. It will have to include a summary with receipts of travel expenses of each sponsored participant (maximum 2 pages).The remaining amount will be paid after receipt of the requested material.

              c) If the grant amount is not fully spent by the applicants, the credit balance will be saved by the Foundation.

              d) The grant only covers round trip economy class plane or train tickets to Geneva.

              e) If the workshop is cancelled, the Foundation will request the refund of the 3’000  Swiss francs.


For an attendance of 30:

  • 21 participants will be accommodated on the domain of the Foundation.

  • 9 participants will have to arrange and cover their own accommodation in a hotel nearby.


Number of Breakfasts, Lunches, Dinners per participant:

* Non-accommodated participants will have to arrange and cover their meals on the eve of the workshop.


In case of acceptance of your proposal, the Brocher Foundation will ask you to furnish:

  • a list of minimum ten persons interested in the field of your workshop,

  • a short bio and an abstract for each speaker (downloadable on the Brocher extranet).

The Brocher Foundation reserves the right to record and/or film the workshop for any future use.


The applicants will have to submit, within a maximum of 60 days after the end of the event:

  • a scientific report about the achievement of the application objectives and the workshop results (downloadable on the Brocher extranet).

  • a financial report. It will have to include a summary and receipts of the travel expenses of each sponsored participants (maximum 2 pages).

  • a hotel report (downloadable on the Brocher extranet).


Speakers will not receive any fee for their presentations.


Participants are responsible for securing their own insurance policy in case of illness, accident or repatriation which could occur during their stay in Switzerland.


The Brocher Foundation considers the possibility of supporting a publication resulting from the workshop on the following conditions:

1. The excellence of the publication proposal.

2. The publication timeline.

3. Acknowledgment of the Brocher Foundation support and appearance of the Brocher Foundation logo on the cover of the book or publication (upon previous agreement with the Foundation).

4. The Brocher Foundation should receive 2 copies of the publication.

5. The presentation of the following text with the publication:

The Brocher Foundation mission is to encourage a research on the Ethical, Legal and Social Implications of new medical technologies. Its main activities are to host visiting researchers and to organize symposia, workshops and summer or winter academies. More information on the Brocher Foundation program is available on

If you wish to receive this additional support (this is not automatic) you should send to:, maximum 3 months after the end of the workshop, a proposal that would include: the content description, the type of publication (article, book, etc.), the publisher name, the amount requested (maximum 2000 Swiss Francs), the additional supports,  the author's name and a precise timeline of the project. The proposal should have a maximum of two A4 pages. The Brocher Foundation contribution to a publication is paid directly to the publishing house after receipt of  an invoice and cannot cover writing, editing or administrative costs. The publication has to be finalized within a maximum of 2 years after the acceptance of the publication.

Computer equipment 

In order to offer a professional performance of the technical equipment at your disposal, we propose a MacBook Pro. This equipment is tested and verified before each workshop by our team. This implies the exclusive use of our equipment to avoid any technical issue.

We ask you to bring your various documents (presentations, videos, login and zoom password if needed) on a USB key.



Owing to the high volume of applications, the Brocher Foundation is regrettably unable to provide individual feedback.




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